UK schools are going pink against anti-gay prejudice

Schools Out is encouraging everyone to wear pink clothes to celebrate 10th anniversary of the repeal of Section 28.

UK schools are going pink against anti-gay prejudice
15 November 2013

Schools Out is asking UK schools to go pink on Monday (18 November) to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the repeal of Section 28.

Section 28, which became law in 1988 under Margaret Thatcher’s leadership, stopped local authorities from ‘promoting’ homosexuality.

But it was widely interpreted as banning any discussion of lesbian, gay and bisexual issues in schools, even when LGBT pupils went to teachers to ask for help.

‘I trained as a teacher under Section 28 and it has cast such a very long shadow over many years,’ one teacher, Sarah Barton, head of expressive arts at Turves Green Girls School, said.

Even now, homophobic and transphobic bullying is common and some schools have retained or put in place their own versions of Section 28 to stiffle positive gay conversations.

Organisers hope the idea of wearing pink for the day will spread internationally as many countries still suffer from the legacy of homophobic laws from colonial occupation of Britain.

Schools Out, an organization aiming to make schools safe and inclusive for LGBT people, is behind the idea.

The organization also encourages teachers to teach from the free National Curriculum called The Classroom, which provides a range of resources to make LGBTI students visible in education.

Sue Sanders, co-chair of Schools Out, said: ‘We are asking that you join us in wearing pink and take a picture of yourself holding a simple message that reflects this promotion on 18 November, such as “Pink to promote equality.”’

You can send your pictures to @SchoolsOUTUK1 and #S28pink.



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