UK university to host faith and sexuality summit

The University of Salford, England is to host a conference on how to deal with issues of faith and sexuality

UK university to host faith and sexuality summit
29 June 2012

Salford University has been chosen to host a conference on how to reconcile faith and LGBT identity.

It’s organized by the Cross Street Unitarian Chapel, the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, Stonewall and the University of Salford Anglican chaplaincy.

The focus of the conference is to tackle how best to deal with issues of sexuality and faith at both a strategic level and in the workplace.

Clear and practical advice based on research will be offered. A range of workshops will cover topics including: support for gay staff abroad, the Bible, sexuality and simple ways to ask difficult questions.

The conference aims to explain how prejudice faced by faith groups and LGBT communities are caused by false assumptions about other people’s views.

And it will examin the failure of organizations to deal with issues in the workplace.

Salford’s  vice chancellor Martin Hall said: ‘Conflicts between faith and sexuality are issues across the world. This conference will bring together a wide range of perspectives and will help ensure improved practises and policies and the right to live and work in safety and with dignity.’

The conference is scheduled to take part on 11 September. More information and ticket bookings can be found at the university website.



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