UKIP’s McKenzie says gay adoption is like throwing kids to ‘dogs’

UK Independence Party would-be MP loses election but still rants over gay adoption saying it is like the fall of the Roman Empire

UKIP’s McKenzie says gay adoption is like throwing kids to ‘dogs’
30 November 2012

UK Independence Party politician Winston McKenzie has ranted against gay parenting on live TV after losing his bid to become an MP.

The UKIP culture spokesperson was standing to become a Member of Parliamment for Croydon North in London in a by-election yesterday (29 November) but lost to Labour’s Steve Reed.

McKenzie, who is former boxer and X Factor hopeful, had already made headlines before the election for saying gay people should not be allowed to adopt (something they already have the right to do in Britain) because it would constitute ‘child abuse’.

Speaking today (30 November) on live British terrestrial TV – on ITV’s This Morning program, he defended his views and went even further.

He stated gay parenting is a ‘violation’ of the a child’s rights, because same-sex couples are harmful to children.

He claimed gay adoption is indicative of society that is ‘profoundly failing our youth’ instead they ‘are thrown away to the dogs’.

According to McKenzie his generation being brought up by a mother and father made his generation ‘more grounded’.

He added: ‘If you look at the Roman Empire, how it went down – it became Sodom and Gomorrah.’

‘I don’t feel that heterosexual people should be forced to accept the policies or rules or understandings of being gay or lesbian, it should not be rammed down our throats.

‘We had 4,000 years of religion, should we throw that away and say that it doesn’t really matter?’

That is why, he said, ‘we must draw a line’ at same-sex adoption.

McKenzie further went on to state gay parenting would harm the child because ‘science had proved’ that ‘children are like sponges’ in their first two to three years of life and by observing a same-sex couple the child ‘would become depressed’.

He added: ‘If I was a youngster and I was told I was going to be adopted by two men, I’d be likely to run away’.

He contrasted this with ‘his generation’ saying he could face problems in life because ‘of what mummy and daddy taught me’.

And he said the current government was ‘passing the buck’ on gay adoption, just as he says they are on UK contributions to the European Union.

He said although his views are personal and not UKIP’s they represent many schools and religious communities which he is in touch with.

McKenzie’s rant was sharply criticized on Twitter and social media.



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