Ukraine considers banning ‘gay’ SpongeBob

Catholic group report claims several popular children's TV characters 'promote homosexuality'

Ukraine considers banning ‘gay’ SpongeBob
17 August 2012

Ukraine is considering calls for SpongeBob and other ‘gay’ children’s TV characters to be banned.

The Eastern European country’s National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality is considering a report published on Catholic website ‘Family Under the Protection of the Holy Virgin’ that claims that the popular children’s TV show promotoes homosexuality and is damaging to children.

The report states that the show, along with a number of other popular international children’s cartoons and live action programs are ‘a large-scale experiment on Ukrainian children’ to ‘create criminals and perverts,’ and should be banned.

It is not yet clear when the Commission will meet to discuss the report.

The report also criticises the British TV show Teletubbies.

It claims that the show creates, ‘an imbecile who will sit near the screen with an open mouth and swallow any information’ and slams Tinky Winky for holding a woman’s red handbag.

‘In real life, boys very rarely want to put on girls’ clothes,’ the report claims.

The Ukraine’s censors have in the past banned Sacha Baron Cohen’s film Bruno, and unsuccessfully tried to prevent The Simpsons from being broadcast.



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