Ukrainian popstar Kamaliya to perform at Manchester gay pride

Kamaliya says she is excited to be performing her new single Butterflies at gay pride festival in northern England

Ukrainian popstar Kamaliya to perform at Manchester gay pride
07 August 2012

Ukrainian pop star Kamaliya will be performing her new hit single Butterflies at gay pride in Manchester.

Asked why she had chosen to play at the LGBT festival on 27 August, Kamaliya said: ‘I am a very active fighter for gay rights in Ukraine, where gays are considered as third category citizens.

‘In April this year, I headlined Mr Gay World in South Africa. I have a huge gay following worldwide and I adore my gay fans and friends.’

The pop star also spoke of her excitement for the upcoming event at Manchester, proclaiming her love for the city in the north-west of England.

‘I love gay people and I love Manchester so when I had the opportunity to play at gay pride I couldn’t turn it down.

‘I’m really excited to play my new single Butterflies and the other new songs I have been working on to make Manchester and the gay community go wild.’

Currently on tour with Steps, who will also be performing at Manchester gay pride, Kamaliya’s new single has reached 10 million views on YouTube and has been well received across Europe.

The pop star will also release half a million copies of her debut album titled Kamaliya as a free cover mount with OK! Magazine today (7 August) before the album goes on general release.

The album includes her UK singles Crazy in My Heart, Rising Up and Arrhythmia, along with eight other self penned tracks.

Gay Pride Manchester will run from 17-27 August, with the main parade, live music and partying taking place over the weekend of 24-27 August. Tickets are available here.

Watch the video for Kamaliya’s new single Butterflies below:



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