Ultimate Gay Fighter video game debuts January 2014

10 LGBTI characters like a drag queen, a bear and a bisexual woman take on anti-gay politicians and religious pundits in the game available on iPhone, Android and Windows

Ultimate Gay Fighter video game debuts January 2014
03 January 2014

A video game with gay, and anti-gay characters, will come to mobile phones this month.

The Ultimate Gay Fighter will debut January 2014, inserting gay characters ‘with moves that suited their specific lifestyles and interests’ into Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter-esque settings.

According to the video game creator Michael Patrick, Ultimate Gay Fighter started off as a joke between friends, but quickly became a mission to revise people’s perceptions about members of the LGBTI community.

Patrick said: ‘We are never the kick-ass fighters, the bad-asses who rescue you and save the day.

‘The goal of this game is to enjoy the humor that my gay family brings me,’ he added.

‘This game is my love letter to my gay family.’

Later this month, you’ll be able to hand over a ‘Gaytality’ a la Mortal Kombat through the following characters:

  • Bardwell the Bear
  • Carrie Cupcake, a drag queen from Houston
  • Voguer Devon Devastation
  • Emo Elmo, the hipster
  • Fashionista Ford Jacobs
  • Go-go Gary
  • Bisexual Jaqlyn Daniels
  • Sappho Ethridge, the lesbian
  • Shawdee Killah
  • Timmy Spears, the Asian twink

As the Ultimate Gay Fighter, your mission will be to fight the League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ):

  • Anne Paylin, anti-gay politician
  • Maxx 2.0, converted Ultimate Gay Fighter
  • Preach, leader of the LOSRZ

To get a taste of the video game graphics, check out the following YouTube video:



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