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UN faces ‘huge resistance’ on LGBT issues but pledges ‘no exceptions’ on rights

United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay and Archbishop Desmond Tutu feature in new video about UN’s LGBT work
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says they face 'huge resistance' on LGBT rights.
Photo by Antônio Cruz.

The UN faces ‘huge resistance’ from governments around the world over LGBT issues but says no-one should be left behind on human rights.

The comments come from Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay in a new United Nations video about their LGBT Free and Equal Campaign.

The video also features Archbishop Desmond Tutu who says: ‘Together we can build a world that is free and equal.’

But Pillay warns it will be a tough struggle.

She says: ‘In more than a third of the world's countries consensual same-sex conducts remains a criminal offence.

‘As I travel around the world meeting with governments in many countries I find not only a lack of knowledge on the part of government officials but huge resistance to acknowledging the human rights of LGBT people.

‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights promises a world in which everyone is born free and equal in dignity and rights. No exceptions, no one left behind.

‘But we know from experience that eradicating discrimination requires more than changes in laws and policies. It takes a change in people’s hearts and minds as well.’

Watch the video here:

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