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Universal axes anti-gay Halloween show

Complaints were made after Superman in 'turned' gay in the show, where he becomes a weak, lisping stereotype
Universal Studios has finally axed the homophobic Halloween show.

Universal Studios has finally axed a Halloween show described by many as homophobic.

In the Bill and Ted live show at the Hollywood theme park, many were furious by Superman’s actions when he is ‘turned’ gay.

During the transformation, Superman is lisping, sexually aggressive, physically weak and is mocked and attacked for humor repeatedly.

In a statement on its website, Universal Studios said: ‘After thoughtful consideration, Universal Studios Hollywood has made the decision to discontinue production of the Halloween Horror Nights' Bill & Ted show for the remainder of its limited run.’

Earlier this week, a Universal spokeswoman defended the show as ‘satirical’.

She said: ‘The show lampoons across all areas of our culture and it was not our intention to offend or upset anyone.

‘We know there are a range of opinions on this issue and we will respect them as we consistently review and refine the show's content.’

During the show, the Man of Steel's gay transformation lead Bill to say 'Who could possibly make a worse Superman?'

Superman also hits on the shows protagonists, blowing them kisses and slapping them on the rear. This draws disgust from the duo, with Ted saying 'Eww dude!'

At one point, when told by General Zod to 'kneel', Superman takes it as an invitation to perform oral sex, excitedly saying 'Finally!'

A disgusted Zod then beats him up, prompting Ted to exclaim 'We need Superman to man up - fast!'

A video showing the most homophobic lines in the show was removed from YouTube after a complaint was made by Universal Studios.

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