Universal Studios Halloween show features offensive gay stereotypes

Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure features a stereotypical gay Superman who minces on stage topless

Universal Studios Halloween show features offensive gay stereotypes
20 October 2013

A new show at Universal Studios Hollywood has come under fire for its homophobic portrayal of gay people.

Bill And Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, part of Universal Studio’s annual Halloween Horror Nights, features the protagonists from the popular 1989 comedy having an adventure in Oz. The pair meet Superman, who is turned gay by ‘fairy dust’ sprinkled from a witch.

Upon turning gay, Superman quickly becomes a stereotypical caricature of gay men – taking off his top, speaking with an effeminate lisp, and mincing around on stage.

The Man of Steel’s gay transformation leads Bill to say ‘Who could possibly make a worse Superman?’ Superman also hits on the shows protagonists, blowing them kisses and slapping them on the rear. This draws disgust from the duo, with Ted saying ‘Eww dude!’ At one point, when told by General Zod to ‘kneel’, Superman takes it as an invitation to perform oral sex, excitedly saying ‘Finally!’

A disgusted Zod then beats him up, prompting Ted to exclaim ‘We need Superman to man up – fast!’

In another scene, Superman boards the Starship Enterprise and meets an effeminate George Takai. The pair then head off to have sex, with Takai saying: ‘Time to boldly go where no man has gone before!’ This is not the first time the Bill and Ted Halloween show has featured gay stereotypes. A 2006 production of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure featured a gay Superman who showed no interest in fighting crime – preferring to dance with ribbons and shouting ‘Rainbows!’ Universal Studios Hollywood has previously shown more tolerance to the LGBT community.

During Los Angeles Pride in. June, the park opened late for a special ‘Out At Universal’ event geared toward the LGBT community.



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