University overwhelmed by response after faeces left in queer space

Adelaide University students have come out in their hundreds today to protest a homophobic incident in the university’s queer space

University overwhelmed by response after faeces left in queer space
05 October 2012

Hundreds of Adelaide University students gathered on campus today to take a stand against homophobia after someone put human excrement in the university’s queer space’s microwave in a homophobic act.

The faeces were discovered on Tuesday morning in the Rainbow Room, prompting the university’s Student Representative Council to call for people to gather in the university’s cloisters to protest the incident at midday today, followed by an afternoon tea in the Rainbow Room.

‘We call on you to gather in support of diverse and safe campuses,’ the Student Representative Council wrote on an event page for the gathering.

‘We call on queer people and allies to come together because we will not let these behaviours that are designed to make students feel unwelcome, scared, or disgusted, make anyone feel unwelcome, scared, or disgusted – instead they will unite us in anger, solidarity and support.’

Organizers were swamped by the numbers who said they would attend the event and had to put out a call for people to donate biscuits so that everyone could participate in the afternoon tea, and were expecting to have to circulate people through the Rainbow Room with so many attending.

‘We’re amazed by the positive response to this event!’ organizers wrote on the Facebook page for the event.

‘Because of unexpected numbers we need your help. Our budget won’t be able to cover everyone for afternoon tea so if anyone is able to contribute to the afternoon tea let us know … If you could bring a packet of biscuits or bake something we would be so thankful!’

Over 500 people were expected to attend the event.

The Rainbow Room is now looking for a new microwave as the old one had to be removed.



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