University refuses gay student laptop ‘for looking like a girl’

A Florida Atlantic University student is 'distraught' after he was told he looked, acted and sounded like a girl by a librarian

University refuses gay student laptop ‘for looking like a girl’
28 October 2013

A gay university senior student was stopped from using a laptop because he ‘looked like a girl’.

Abdul Asquith, a Communications major at Florida Atlantic University, said he was trying to get some studying done at the campus library.

When he approached the librarian to check out a laptop, he was told he could not because his ID did not fit with how he expresses himself.

He was wearing a khaki shorts, a university hoodie, and had his long hair tied back.

‘She looked at the ID, looked down on it, and said: “You sound, look and act like a girl. And this ID is a man. Therefore I’m not giving you a laptop”,’ Asquith told WPTV.

‘[The ID] looks just like me. I identify with my ID. I wasn’t there dressed up. I didn’t have on any dress. I wasn’t dressed in character.’

Asquith said he was ‘appalled’, ‘distraught’ and ‘embarrassed’ over the situation.

After going through three librarians, he was finally allowed to study using a laptop.

Florida Atlantic University has refused to comment.

Asquith added: ‘If I don’t speak out, who’s going to speak out? People need to speak out every time something like this happens.’



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