Uruguay pride marked by fifth trans murder of the year

The murder of an unidentified trans woman is reported days before this year's LGBT Pride in Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city

Uruguay pride marked by fifth trans murder of the year
30 September 2012

A trans woman was killed in Uruguay this week, days before the LGBT pride march. 

This marks the fifth trans-related murder in Uruguay for this year.

The victim was found in a park in the capital city of Montevideo by a man who thought the dead victim was sleeping.

According to police reports in El Pais, the victim’s body was found mutilated and partially burnt. Police speculate the victim’s body was deformed in order to cover any traces that could lead to suspects.

The victim has yet to be identified.

On Friday (28 September) LGBT rights activists held a pride parade in the Plaza de Independencia in Montevideo.

The festivities were marked by a minute of silence in honor of the five trans-related murders documented this year in the country. Though police have only solved one of the five cases, LGBT rights activists contend that the crimes are homophobic in nature.

‘We think it is important not to give up on occupying the public space’, said Diego Sempol of the LGBT rights group Ovejas Negras (Black Sheep). ‘That’s what the people who attack us, who insult us, who kill us, want us to do.’

‘Now more than ever, we need to occupy public space on the day of the Diversity March to defend our right ti exist’.

In the past six years, Uruguay has:

  • legalized civil unions for same-sex couples
  • legalized adoption of children by same-sex parents
  • recongized its first foreign same-sex marriage
  • facilitated sex changes and changes in gender identity
  • allowed gays and lesbians to serve in the military 



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