Uruguay Senate postpones gay marriage vote to April

Uruguay’s Senate has unexpectedly postponed a vote on marriage equality until its next session in April

Uruguay Senate postpones gay marriage vote to April
26 December 2012 Print This Article

The Uruguay Senate (Camara de Senadores) voted today (26 December) to postpone a vote on a same-sex marriage bill.

The Senate, held a special meeting (out of session) to discuss a dozen bills, including the ‘Marriage Equality Law’ stating that ‘marriage is the permanent union between two persons of the same or opposite sex’.

The bill seeks to modify some 20 articles of the Civil Code, including allowing parents, gay or straight, to decide whose surname comes first when naming their children.

The gay marriage bill also includes amendments on laws regarding in-vitro fertilization and adoption.

During the vote in the Senate, opponents asked for the vote to be postponed until the Senate’s first meeting in April to allow more time ‘to study the proposal’.

All present Senators (26) voted unanimously to postpone the vote to April, reported the daily Ultima Hora.

The bill already received an overwhelming majority in the country’s lower house of Congress 11 December by 81-6 votes.

Uruguay’s LGBT organization Colectivo Ovejas Negras (Black Sheep Collective) organized a demonstration in front of the Civil Registry demanding: ‘We want Equal Marriage in Uruguay, without modifications, without delay, with deliberation that leads to nowhere’.

The collective asked protestors to turn up and ‘make them feel our indignation’.

Earlier this year, Uruguay recognized its first foreign gay marriage, and over the last few years has allowed same-sex civil unions, adoption by gay couples and gay individuals to serve in the armed forces. 



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