US ambassador to NZ condemns teen gay bashing

David Huebner's slamming of Zakk d'Larte beating brings 'new level of attention to the attack'

US ambassador to NZ condemns teen gay bashing
30 May 2012

The US ambassador to New Zealand has condemned an attack on a gay teen in Auckland.

Zakk d’Larté, 18, was brutally beaten by three men on his way home at night on Saturday (26 May) and sparked outrage after he posted a photo of his bruised and battered face on Facebook.

Now the openly gay US ambassador to New Zealand, David Huebner, has also slammed the vicious attack on Twitter, posting, ‘It’s 2012. Not acceptable’.

Blogger Michael Petrelis says Huebner’s response brings ‘a new level of attention to the attack’ and hopes he will work closer with local campaigners on the issue.

In the latest post on his website, Petrelis claims Sam Shore, of the WTF Campaign, is ready to work with Huebner on tackling homophobia in New Zealand.

In an email received by Petrelis, Shore said: ‘President Obama’s speech on marriage equality resonated very strongly over here and I would like to extend our thanks.

‘To see America’s leader take such a brave stance was uplifting and inspiring for many people around the world.

‘Thank you for keeping us in the loop with your ambassador. We would love to hear of any thought he might have in how we can work together going forward.’

Petrelis adds that the possibility of Huebner collaborating with Shore’s group would be ‘one good thing to come out of the terrible violence against d’Larte.’



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