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US anti-gay activist warns President Vladimir Putin 'gay propaganda' laws are not enough

In an open letter to President Putin, Scott Lively urges Russia to fight gays lit to did the Nazis in World War II
Anti-gay US activist Scott Lively

Scott Lively, an anti-gay activist who has claimed gay men were responsible for the Holocaust, wrote an open letter to President Vladimir Putin praising him for Russia's 'gay propaganda' laws.

The 30 August missive applauded the president as 'an example of moral leadership that has shamed the governments of Western Europe and North America.'

However, he warned Russia should be prepared to do more.

'I want to caution you not to assume that you have fully solved the problem by the enactment of this law,' Lively wrote, according to the site BuzzFeed. 'Few political agendas in the history of mankind have marshaled the tenacity and resolve of the homosexualist movement.'

'Its activists are driven by an implacable militancy and a zeal to advance their own self-serving interests that rivals even the most fanatical religious cult,' he added.

This type of rhetoric is typical for the author of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party. Originally published in 1995, the book maintains gays were major players in Hitler's inner circle and the engineers of the Holocaust.

The book's thesis has been debunked by countless historians.

This did not prevent Lively from emphasizing the discredited theories in his letter. The activist maintained that critics of Russia's laws were only trying to hide the roots of the gay equality movement.

'...This “gay” narrative that equates opposition to homosexuality with Nazi-like genocide is in part an attempt to obscure the ugly roots of the modern homosexualist movement in pre-Nazi Germany,' Lively wrote.

'German fascism was formed and facilitated by masculine-oriented male homosexuals in response to an effeminate model of homosexuality which held that all homosexualist men were actually female souls trapped in men’s bodies.'

UPDATE: In the middle of last August, Lively suffered a severe legal setback when a US judge ruled a persecution of LGBT people is a crime against humanity.

A Ugandan LGBTI advocacy organization is suing Lively for allegedly collaborating with key Ugandan government officials, and religious leaders, to introduce the 'kill the gays’ bill.

'Scott Lively has stirred up anti-gay hatred in Uganda to the point that LGBT people's lives are in danger,' Ross Murray, GLAAD's director of news and faith initiatives, said to Gay Star News.

'Now he is taking his discredited reputation to Russia to risk the lives of LGBT Russians. It's time Scott Lively returns to  Scripture and learn that God created and loves all people.'

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