US band Train order NZ anti-gay marriage website to remove song

Grammy-award-winning band Train say they will tell New Zealand ‘Protect Marriage’ website to remove their song from the home page

US band Train order NZ anti-gay marriage website to remove song
30 July 2012

Train, a Grammy-award-winning pop-rock band from San Francisco are trying to get their song removed from a new anti-gay marriage website that has just launched in New Zealand.

The website was officially launched today (30 July) in response to a same-sex marriage bill that is likely to be passed in the New Zealand parliament, with a petition against gay marriage.

Bob McCoskrie, national director of Family First NZ, one of the groups behind the website, said in a statement:

‘Politicians have been hammered recently with the reasons for taking the twink bottle [correction fluid/liquid paper/Tipp-Ex] to the dictionary and to redefine “marriage”. This website will help balance the debate. Ultimately, the state – which did not invent marriage – has no authority to re-invent it.”

The homepage of the website features an embedded YouTube video of Train’s song Marry Me.

When a New Zealand Twitter user @Mikey_J_S6 alerted the band to the fact they are on the site, they tweeted back: ‘Didn’t know. Getting it off asap. Tnx for tip’.

The use of the song wasn’t the only problem the ‘Protect Marriage’ website faced. It crashed twice soon after launch.

Watch the video for Train’s song Marry Me, from their album Save me San Francisco, here:



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