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US Big Brother has gay-straight showmance

Zach and gay Frankie even cuddle in bed but Zach insists 'I'm straight and I only date women'
 Zach_Rance and Frankie_Grande of Big Brother
Photo: CBS

During a recent episode of CBS's Big Brother, male contestants Zach Rance and Frankie Grande were laying on a bed together.

Zach, the straight one, said softly to his gay friend: 'Frankie, can you just like caress me.'

They then began to spoon.

Grande, the brother of singer Ariana Grande, and Rance are the season's first big 'showmance' and have given themselves the moniker of 'Zrankie.'

'I'm not gay,' Rance tells viewers. 'But the bond Frankie and I have is so genuine and sincere that I truly feel that he is my boyfriend.' '

He adds: 'I like gay people. I'm straight and I only date women. He's just one of the greatest people I've ever met.'

Grande describes Rance this way: 'He's just like a little puppy dog. He just follows me anywhere that I go. We cuddle in bed, we do meals together, we do weights together, we go in the pool together, we make up dances together ... I don't know what I have in him but it's lovely for now.'

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