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US college professor claims same-sex marriage part of Marxist plot to destroy the family

Grove City College professor of political science Paul Kengor thinks same-sex marriage is a Trojan Horse by the far left to accomplish the Communist goal of the destruction of the family unit
The Karl Marx bust at the Smolny Institute
Photo by Ferran Cornellà

Grove City College professor of political science Paul Kengor has claimed that allowing same-sex couples to marry is part of a nefarious conspiracy to end the family unit in line with Marxist thinking.

Kengor says economically conservative gay people who support same-sex marriage are allowing themselves to be used as a Trojan Horse by the far-left by wanting to get married.

‘In signing on the dotted line for gay marriage, they have also, whether they realize it or not … enlisted in the radical left’s unyielding centuries-old attempt to undermine the family,’ Kengor wrote in an opinion piece for far-right news website WND.

‘They are being used, duped, by a deeper, sinister force. For that matter, so are Republicans and “conservatives” who support gay marriage, so are libertarians, and so are the independents/”moderates” swimming … with the cultural tide.

‘The left, in the West generally and America specifically, has found its hammer and its sickle to smash and undercut marriage.

‘The far left has finally found its Trojan horse for its long time goal of destroying traditional marriage and the traditional family. Advocates of gay marriage are now dupes in that deeper process, whether they know it or not.’

Kengor suggested that same-sex marriage might be part of a conspiracy going back centuries.

‘Who or what is truly the ultimate source of the duping?’ Kengor wrote.

‘Is it the Communist left? Is it what we can only generally call the extreme or far left? Is it liberals, socialists, or “progressives”? Or is it something even darker, deeper, older, roots as old as the Garden of Eden, and more sinister? Is it really anything new?’

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