US Congressman: Obama seeks to destroy the family and reward gays

Republican Congressman Tim Huselskamp alleged that Obama's 'radical agenda' is to have gay marriage destroy the family, and 'selectively reward' homosexual behavior

US Congressman: Obama seeks to destroy the family and reward gays
14 February 2013

Republican Congressman Tim Huselskamp said that Obama is introducing gay marriage to destroy the family, and laws banning discrimination against gays ‘selectively’ ‘rewards’ homosexual behavior.

During a radio interview shortly before Obama’s State of the Union speech (12 February), Huselskamp alleged that Obama has a ‘radical new social agenda’ that would ‘destroy the family’.

Referring to gay marriage, the Congressman told host Tony Perkins, president of the US anti-gay right wing Family Research Council, that: ‘This President has a radical social agenda and the media will probably give him a pass when instead of talking about the fact that mom and dad don’t have a job we’re going to talk about how to destroy the family and replace it with his view of a radical new social agenda’.

‘Someone has to stand up and defend the seventy percent position that most Americans support traditional marriage, most Americans understand the value of family, they understand it’s under attack and they understand that, they see it, they believe it. So we got to stand up’.

Huselskamp also attacked other unnamed republicans who support gay marriage and oppose the alleged ‘majority’ of Americans who oppose it, despite many polls consistently showing that well over 50% of Americans back marriage equality.

The Congressman then went on to call the US Department of Defense’s extension of partnership benefits to same-sex couples and the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA) as ‘radical ideas’ that ‘most Americans do not accept’ because they ‘specifically and selectively reward homosexual behavior’.

Huselskamp ranted: ‘But whether it’s Obamacare, whether it’s these radical DoD [Department of Defense] proposals coming out of the White House or changing all the employment rules to specifically and selectively reward homosexual behavior, those are really radical ideas and most Americans do not accept them’.

Most polls, however, suggest that a majority of Americans do support laws that would ban work based discrimination against LGBT people.



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