US golfer, who believes being gay is a sin, wins Masters

Florida athlete Bubba Watson voiced his support for a reporter who called Jason Collins' coming out as an 'open rebellion to God'

US golfer, who believes being gay is a sin, wins Masters
14 April 2014

A US golfer, who believes being gay is a sin, won the Masters yesterday (13 April).

Bubba Watson, a 35-year-old from Florida, won the green jacket, the $1.6 million prize and in doing so pleased a lot of conservative Christians.

When basketball star Jason Collins came out publicly as gay last year, Watson took the opportunity to preach against homosexuality.

He was one of the very few professional athletes to take a stand against Collins.

‘Thanks @Chris_Broussard for sharing your faith & the bible!! #GodIsGood,’ Watson tweeted.

Boussard, an ESPN analyst, called being gay an ‘open rebellion to God’ and a ‘sin’ when he was asked to comment about Collins coming out.

Defending his tweet, Watson told Golfweek: ‘The Bible says you’re not supposed to be gay, and so I never downed Jason.’

He added: ‘I’m not saying he’s wrong. I’m saying I love him. If he called me right now and said, ‘Hey,’ or any person that was gay called me, I’d go to dinner with them any time.

‘It’s just my belief system on the Bible says you can’t be gay. That’s a sin. So somebody living in sin I believe to be wrong.’

But while it might not be surprising golf attracts conservatives to the sport, it is not entirely homophobic.

US golfer Brandt Snedeker said he would ‘welcome’ a gay player to come out.

‘I don’t think a gay golfer is going to be that big of a deal. It’s not going to affect my life in any way, shape or form,’ he said.

‘If there is one, I would welcome him to come out if he felt comfortable doing it. I think it’s a personal decision they need to make on their own.’



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