US heavyweight champion goes on homophobic online tirade, then claims it was a hacker

Jon Jones called an Instagram user a ‘fag boy’ and said ‘homosexuality is a sin’, before a representative claimed a hacker had stolen his phone

US heavyweight champion goes on homophobic online tirade, then claims it was a hacker
18 April 2014

A US heavyweight champion fighter, who insulted a man on Instagram with comments like ‘fag shit’ and ‘homosexuality is a sin’, has blamed a hacker who stole his phone for the outburst.

Jon Jones, the youngest Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC) in the history of the sport, is in hot water after his tirade on the social media site earlier this week (15 April).

Swedish man Danii Javid was the recipient of the homophobic slurs.

Javid messaged the athlete on Twitter, accusing him of avoiding a fight which prompted Jones, in what seemed to be a counter-attack, commented on several of Javid’s Instagram pictures with anti-gay insults.

Among the comments posted from Jones’ account were ‘fag shit’, ‘fag boys’, ‘homosexuality is a sin’ and ‘you definitely have sexual identity issues’.

In response to the furore surrounding the comments, the president of UFC Dana King released a statement defending Jones.

King claims a thief stole Jones’ phone, hacked into his Instagram account and starting posted the insults on to Javid’s page.

Speaking to a sports website MMA Junkie, White said it was obvious Jones did not post the comments.

‘He got hacked’ he said.

‘Originally when I found out he was being hacked, I was like, ‘What, are we all going to say stupid stuff and then say we got hacked?’ But if you look at his timeline, first of all he rarely posts anything or responds with comments on Instagram – and he got hacked.’

Jones also maintained he was hacked and was not aware the comments were being made.

‘Just got a new phone. Changing all of my social media passwords. Apparently I was hacked’ he tweeted.

However, victim Javid remains unconvinced it was the work of a hacker when he was asked if he believed the claim.

‘honestly, no. Since he posted pics of food, hours before, and a selfie, hours after. I think he got offended of my tweet’ he said.



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