US lawmakers lobby for gun owners over LGBT rights

Missouri legislators push 'don't say gay' bill and pass non-discrimination against gun owners law

US lawmakers lobby for gun owners over LGBT rights
24 April 2012

Republicans in Missouri continue to defend legislation that will ban state schools from dicussing sexual orientation.

The controversial 'don't say gay' bill will prohibit the discussion of sexual orientation throughout the public school system 'except in scientific instruction on human reproduction'. Discussions about sexual orientation would also be excluded from extracurricular activities.

The 'don't say gay' bill, potentially going into effect August 2012, would complicate efforts to address reports of gay bullying and gay teen suicides in the state.

Co-sponsor of the bill Dwight Scharnhorst (R-St. Louis) likened discussions of LGBT issues to talking to kids about bestiality. Scharnhorst told the Huffington Post: 'There is no need to talk to about Billy wanting to marry a goat.'

The 'don't say gay' bill will be heard by the Elementary and Secondary Education committee of the House of Representatives on 25 April.

Meanwhile, in just under two months the Missouri House of Representatives has passed a non-discrimination bill against employees who carry or use a firearm 'for lawful purposes'.  



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