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US radio host wants gay and transgender people banned from the military

Sandy Rios claims gay men are ‘disordered’ and ‘trannies’ should not be allowed to serve in the military
Sandy Rios wants gay and transgender people banned from the military

Right-wing US commentator Sandy Rios wants gay and transgendered people to be banned from serving in the military, claiming that they are all ‘disordered.’

The American Family Radio host and Fox News contributor, known for her homophobic views, embarked on a rant attacking gay and transgender people claiming they are not fit to serve in the US military (20 March).

In the audio clip from Right Wing Watch, Rios says gays are obsessed with sex and even labels herself an ‘authority’ on the matters of gay men and sexuality.

‘Transgendered soldiers who are confused about their sexuality, who want to undergo gender reassignment, homosexual soldiers who are constantly thinking about their sexuality - and I say that with authority, having interviewed so many ex-gays and talked about this for years, there is an obsession - their identity, they think, is their sexuality’ she said.

‘How many of you who are heterosexual would first of all say to someone in describing yourself, ‘I’m heterosexual; I have sex with the opposite sex’? You have much more of an identity than that, don’t you?

‘Well for homosexuals, they claim that as an identity, it’s all about sex, so that is a disorder in itself. You can write me, I realize that’s angering words but that is a disorder because that’s not who you are, you are much more than that.

‘It is a disorder, it is disordered thinking and if we think that soldiers that are obsessed with these issues are going to provide strong defense for our nation, I think we are foolishly denying whatever is true.’

Rios continued her rant and turned her attention to Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders, who campaigned for equal rights for transgendered people to serve in the military.

Rios blasted Elders for ‘now urging for trannies to be allowed in the military.’

The 65-year-old is infamous for her homophobic remarks and her views of the LGBT community.

In October 2013, Rios claimed the murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard was ‘a total fraud’, and in March of last year she also accused Hillary Clinton of being a lesbian because she supported gay marriage.

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A mind is a terrible thing to waste
So on your forehead, you should paste:

"I Sandy Rios admit,
That I'm a homophobic twit"

"And my "dramatics" stem from being a thespian,
And I'm a hypocrite,....... because I'm a lesbian"

Several years ago, I interviewed several convicted rapists and came to the conclusion: "ALL Heterosexual Men have ANGER Issues Against Women and use forced penetration as a means of dominating them."

It's amazing the conclusions "researchers" can come to using small, flawed sample groups.

As for the genetics debate going on in the comments below - It's always most curious that more time and research is not spent on determining what makes some people heterosexual. This is every bit as much unknown territory as the questions regarding the origins of homosexuality, yet it is consistently overlooked.

I expect such a degenerate comment from someone of Uganda or Ethiopia or Nigeria but not from a public figure in the US! What does she know about Gay people being obsessed with sex? Straight people are always like a ticking time bomb and she calls gay people nymphomaniacs??

If this woman had a brain, she would be dangerous.

I don't believe she understands her own sexuality, much less that of anyone else.

In 1973, the American Psychological Association determined that homosexuality is not a mental illness. Among the most brilliant, the most compassionate, and the most talented human beings who ever lived are numerous homosexuals.

Sandy Rios: you are in desperate need of a basic education in world history, human psychology, and the biological sciences.