US school adopts anti-discrimination bathroom policy for trans students

Students at Atherton High School are now allowed to use whatever bathroom in which they feel the most comfortable

US school adopts anti-discrimination bathroom policy for trans students
08 June 2014

A US school has recently adopted a new policy allowing trans students to choose which bathroom they use, according to their gender identity.

Atherton High School in Louisville, Kentucky held a meeting on 5 June to decide whether the proposed policy would be adopted by the school.

The policy outlines trans students should be able to choose whatever bathroom they feel most comfortable in, and not face any discrimination or abuse over their choice.

The policy was voted in 8 to one, the move was put forward by the school principal Thomas Aberli.

Aberli said the policy has made him aware of discrimination trans students face, and he himself have learnt a great deal through the process.

‘We’ve effectively silenced a population of our students that we’re responsible for and we’ve secretly segregated them,’ he said.

‘But what I learned through this process since the beginning has opened my eyes and made me aware to a situation I was completely blind to.’

‘I hope other schools are paying attention to this issue.’

Aberli said he and the panel had reviewed pages and pages of written evidence, as well as taking into account the views of parents and students of the school.

Terry Holliday, Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner, applauded the move reports the Courier Journal.

‘This is just a natural progression that our school districts, under the heading of civil rights, need to be providing restroom facilities and addressing the needs of the LGBT community,’ he said.

Policy 500 was created nearly a decade ago in Los Angeles by the Los Angeles Unified School District, in order to eliminate any segregation trans students may feel.



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