US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepts World Pride award via video

'I really want to thank you for standing up for the rights of LGBT people everywhere'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accepts World Pride award via video
05 July 2012 Print This Article

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared via video on Thursday (5 May) to accept the World LGBT Award at the World Pride gala dinner at the Langham Hotel in London.

‘I want especially to acknowledge all the people who are working hard to advance human rights in their own communities and countries… making a difference everyday, often at great cost to themselves,’ Clinton said.

Clinton received the award from Pride London and the Kaleidoscope trust for her work in supporting gay rights worldwide.

The former First Lady and US Senator has long been a supporter of LGBT rights. She made headlines last December with a speech at the UN in Geneva where she demanded global rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Of the LGBT award she said: ‘Although I want, once again, to thank you for honoring me with this award, I really want to thank you for standing up for the rights of LGBT people everywhere.’

The World Pride 2012 Gala Dinner ‘Dine with Pride’ is a fundraising event to support Pride London’s newly created Solidarity Fund to support organizations  that work with the LGBT community to tackle homophobia and transphobia.

Below is Clinton’s acceptance video:



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