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US singer Ashanti faces backlash after anti-gay insult

R&B singer engaged in a war of words with a Twitter user after he brands her new music a ‘flop’
US singer Ashanti under fire for using anti-gay insult

US singer Ashanti has come under fire for mocking a fan on Twitter and accusing him of being a closet gay.

The 'Foolish' singer took to Twitter while watching a football match and asked her followers to pick a team: either the Seattle Seahawks or the San Francisco 49ers.

However, one user of the social media site decided to attack the modest success of her latest single.

The tweeter was referencing her single ‘The Woman You Love’, which only managed to reach number 97 on the Billboard charts in the US.

The singer seemed to believe that he didn’t like her music because he was gay and in the closet, so she fired back with this tweet:

'@kicksb4rent don't be mad at me cause u in the closet... Flop that ya lil b#tch lmao!'

Her 1 million followers were unimpressed, with the singer enduring backlash from several critical Twitter users.

'That was rude. Who are you to call someone gay?' one asked.

Another said: 'girl really? A gay allegation. that still doesn't account for your flop single, boo.'

Ashanti has since deleted the incriminating tweet.

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She should be more careful and thoughtful since a lot of her fan base is made of gays!!!!! Even tho the fan shouldn't have said what it was said to her specially when she didn't asked for anyone's opinion, she shouldn't lash out stupid comments to her fans.