US soldiers in Afghanistan camp it up with Call Me Maybe

A new video is going viral on YouTube. It shows American militaries dancing and singing like the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders

US soldiers in Afghanistan camp it up with Call Me Maybe
21 November 2012

American soldiers in Afghanistan have been taking a break from conflict by recreating the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders’ Call Me Maybe.

Without fear of the Taliban, the group of soldiers shoot missiles and show off their guns, while imitating the cheerleading squad of the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins.

The cheerleaders covered Carly Ray Jepsen’s gay anthem this year and clearly won a few American soldiers as fans.

Of course, being in Afghanistan is dangerous and the risk of being shot is high. But these soldiers celebrate the beauty of life, the beauty of male bodies and the happiness of staying together.

GSN loves this song. And GSN loves these soldiers!

And now watch the video:



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