US trans woman punched and stomped on as bystanders watch

A video of an unknown trans woman being attacked in Atlanta, US has gone viral, and receives shocking comments on YouTube saying she deserved it

US trans woman punched and stomped on as bystanders watch
05 July 2014

A video of an unidentified transgender woman being brutally beaten up in the street in Atlanta, US has gone viral.

In the short video, the woman is punched and stomped on as bystanders watch and film the fight on their phones.

The video surfaced on Wednesday 2 June on Vine, a website for posting short videos, and has since been transferred to YouTube.

The attack happened in the Little Five Points district of Atlanta, Georgia outside a skateboard shop called Stratosphere Skateboards on Moreland Avenue.

According to news website 11 Alive, the woman has not been identified and the police were not called at the time.

Several individuals on Twitter reported the original Vine link and one user, @eastsidekate, tweeted the Atlanta Police Department asking if they could do anything.

‘We are investigating to see if anyone called 911 at the time. We encourage anyone with information to come forward,’ they replied.

The video has received over 17,000 views so far, and many of the comments left on the video support the attack.

‘‘She’ deserved it,’ wrote user MusicForMyDemons while another user, ThatIsMyPotPie, commented: ‘Serves that faggot right.’

Other users called for justice for the trans victim. ‘Disgusting display of humananity! I hope that person is brought to justice!’ said user immortalove88.

LGBTI advocacy groups like Project Q, who posted the video to their YouTube account, are highlighting the fact that this is the second trans attack in Atlanta which has come to public attention via a viral video.

In May, two trans women were beaten and stripped on a train as passengers cheered and recorded the incident on their mobile phones.

Atlanta police say they are investigating the attack. Watch the video of the attack here:



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