USB typewriter lends antique flair to the iPad

A fully operational traditional typewriter with USB connectivity for PC, Mac and iPad

USB typewriter lends antique flair to the iPad
12 June 2012

Initially it looks like something from a science fiction film set, but this is no prop, it’s a typewriter that’s been converted into a USB keyboard.

It plugs straight into PCs, Macs and iPads without the need for any extra software packages or drivers.

And this conversion doesn’t hurt the typewriter at all so it can still be used in the conventional way to type onto paper while the USB connection sends what you’re typing straight to your computer.

Application specific keys like Alt, Ctrl and function keys are incorporated, and return is achieved by the physical sweep of the typewriter’s own carriage return – neat.

And especially for you tablet users out there, the typewriter includes a dock which will house many different tablets including the iPad and turn your tablet into something which looks totally steampunk.

But what if you have your own typewriter that you could never part with? Easy – the same company also produces a conversion kit which is compatible with ‘a vast majority of manual typewriters’.

The USB typewriter costs $699 (€559) and is available here.



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