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Using gay slur, Italian footballer says he would not want to play with gays

Antonio Cassano hopes there are no 'queers' on his national team

At the Italian national football team's press conference at Casa Azzurri in Krakow on Tuesday (12 June), forward Antonio Cassano was asked about reports that there are two metrosexual players on Italy's team as well as two homosexual players.

'What's a metrosexual?' he asked.

But he was clear on what a homosexual is and added: 'Queers in the national team? That's their business. But I hope not.'

The comments were reported by UK's The Guardian which points out that Italy's national team coach, Cesare Prandelli, has been supportive of gay footballers.

Prandelli wrote the forward for a recent book on homosexuality in sports and stated: 'Homophobia is racism and it is indispensable that we make further steps to look after all aspects of individuals living their own lives, including sporting figures. … We must all work for a sporting culture that respects the individual in every manifestation of his truth and freedom. Hopefully soon some players will come out.'

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