Vandals strike GLBT History Museum in San Francisco’s Castro District

Museum seeking donations to help pay for damage

Vandals strike GLBT History Museum in San Francisco’s Castro District
29 October 2012

Vandals struck The GLBT History Museum in San Francisco early Monday (29 October) shattering two large plate glass windows.

‘It’s clear that this was vandalism,’ said Paul Boneberg, executive director of the GLBT Historical Society, the organization that runs the museum. ‘We don’t know who smashed the windows this or why they did it.’

The museum, located in the city’s famed Castro District, is often referred to as San Francisco’s ‘queer Smithsonian’ and is the first full-scale, stand-alone museum of its kind in the United States.

The museum currently features two exhibitions: Our Vast Queer Past: Celebrating San Francisco’s GLBT History and Life & Death in Black & White: AIDS Direct Action in San Francisco, 1985–1990.

The museum was not missing any of its historical items but it is estimated that thousands of dollars of damage has been done.

‘We’re grateful for the outpouring of support we are already receiving from people in San Francisco and around the world,’ Boneberg said. ‘That support speaks to the important role the museum plays in advancing understanding of GLBT history and culture.’

Donations to assist with the repairs and to support the museum can be made online at The museum will report on the repairs via its facebook page at



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