Victoria Premier faces dissent over LGBT committee

Pre-election plans to set up an LGBT issues advisory committee are well-overdue in the Australian state of Victoria

Victoria Premier faces dissent over LGBT committee
07 May 2012

Plans to set up a committee to advise on issues like HIV treatment, homophobia and youth suicide in the LGBT community in the Australian state of Victoria are facing dissent.

The Sunday Age reports that an anonymous senior MP said: ‘I don’t see what used to be know as "poofter bashing" happening and I don’t see overt discrimination. It’s unnecessary. You don’t need a committee for everything.’

The idea for the GLBTI (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex) ministerial advisory committee was first mentioned before the 2010 Victoria state election, but still hasn’t been formerly established.

Health minister David Davis and MP Mary Wooldridge will appoint LGBT community representatives to serve on the committee. MP Rob Mitchell urged them to show leadership and said the committee was long overdue.

‘How are we going to get youth suicide down if we don’t address the GLBTI component? It’s something that requires decisive systematic action,’ said Mitchell.



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