Death threats captured on video at Haiti anti-gay demonstration

Two presumed homosexual men were beaten to death in Haiti by hundreds of protestors demonstrating against proposed marriage equality legislation

Death threats captured on video at Haiti anti-gay demonstration
20 July 2013

A gay hate march in Haiti attracted over 1,000 anti-gay demonstrators, and left two presumed homosexuals beaten to death.

Video footage from four different sources shows angry and sometimes violent protestors demonstrating against a marriage equality proposal that could legalize same-sex marriage in the Caribbean island.

The hundreds of people were a mix of men, women and children, as well as individuals from different religious groups including Muslims and Protestants, all chanting and carrying signs that threatened homosexuals in the country.

The Huffington Post reports that some of the demonstrators threatened to burn down the parliament building if politicians legalized same-sex marriage.

According to the Haitian Sentinel, demonstrators armed with weapons including knives, blocks and other weapons attacked several people, accusing them of being homosexual.

The Haitian newspaper also reported that two men, presumed to be homosexual, were beaten to death at 1 pm on Jean Jeacques Dessalines Boulevard. When the news desk received the news three hours later, reporters were informed the bodies were still on the ground.

Video footage shows some police officers standing watch over the crowd, but it is unclear as to whether the two murders occurred before the police arrived.

In one of the videos, the cameraman asks a protestor: ‘If gay people continue to exercise their rights what are we going to do?’

The angry demonstrator reacts viciously, saying: ‘We’ll kill them, we’ll destroy them because we don’t need that in our country. We don’t want the question of gay people, we want a man and a woman.’

‘Gay people will curse our country and we already have curses.’



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