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Video of Malaysian gay pastor’s wedding

Reverend O Young Wen Feng (also known as Ngeo Boon Lin)'s marriage to Phineas Newborn III is touchingly poignant, especially as it was celebrated in Malaysia where homophobia is deeply entrenched
Phineas Newborn III and Ngeo Boon Li

A gay couple have released a video of their wedding in New York that was shown at the first public same-sex marriage celebration in Malaysia.

Reverend O Young Wen Feng (also known as Ngeo Boon Lin) and Phineas Newborn III celebrated their marriage at a Chinese banquet hall in Kuala Lumpur for 250 guests on Saturday.

The wedding celebration was a powerful statement in a country where leading politicians regularly make profoundly homophobic statements.

In the video of their wedding in New York, Boon says to Newborn:

‘Phineas, it’s not easy to be gay, not even in the United States let alone in my home country, Malaysia. But I am so glad that I have come out of fear, because by coming out, I found you.’

Holding back tears, Newborn tells Boon during the ceremony, ‘I believe you came into my life to help me define who I was really meant to be’ and says Boon is ‘the greatest reward for having to endure some of the greatest struggles of my life’.

Warch the video here:

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