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Vincent Wijeysingha becomes first politician to come out in Singapore

Singapore Democratic Party politician confirms he is gay, hours before attending the city state’s annual LGBT rally

Singapore’s opposition politician Vincent Wijeysingha has officially come out as gay, ahead of the country’s fifth annual Pink Dot rally.

In a Facebook message Friday afternoon (28 June), the 43-year-old social work lecturer from SIM University says: ‘Just in case Fabrications About The PAP was wondering, yes, I am going to Pink Dot tomorrow. And yes, I am gay.’

The Singapore Democratic Party(SDP) Treasurer goes on to quip: ‘PS. And no, I don't have a gay agenda.’

Wijeysingha is making a reference to an allegation competitors from the ruling PAP made to the press in the 2011 general election. They said the SDP was ‘suppressing’ a video, which would ‘raise some awkward questions’ about its agenda.

The video was recorded at a forum where Wijeysingha talked about repealing the country’s anti-gay law.

It is Wijeysingha's blief that civil libertiies are indivisible, so 'the oppression faced by one group of people has an impact on the overall freedoms of a society.

'Therefore, I hope to keep working towards wider freedoms for all, not just one section of the community,' he tells Gay Star News.

Indeed, the PAP’s tactics of portraying Wijeysingha as a having special agenda were slammed at the time by netizens, who also appear supportive of him this time around.

While the SDP had to defend Wijeysingha somewhat when he was ‘outed’, LGBT activist Jean Chong tells GSN: ‘popular opinion done by a local newspaper said that it doesn't matter if the politician is gay or not as long as he does his job well.’

On Wijeysingha’s decision to officially come out, Chong says: ‘This just shows that LGBT folks are people from all walks of life.

‘They are your sisters, brothers, colleagues, service providers and yes even politicians.’

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