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Volleyball teammates weep as they bury gay player shot by gunman

Grief-stricken friends and family laid 21-year-old Jesus David Hernandez Otero to rest in Puerto Rico after his body was discovered on a local beach
Friends and family lay a young gay man to rest after he was gunned down in Puerto Rico.

A volleyball team, friends and family wept as they buried their gay friend this week who was shot by a gunman in Puerto Rico.

Jesus David Hernandez Otero was remembered as a clever student and a compassionate team player. He was just 21.

Hernandez was found on a beach in Dorado, half-naked with three bullet wounds on his torso after having been missing for a week.

He was reported missing by his family 12 March (Wednesday) after he left his house around midnight the night before.

His family thought he would be right back since he left in shorts and sandals.

Video footage of the funeral via Blabbeando shows his sister Pryscilla Hernandez, who taught him how to play volleyball, saying through tears: ‘From now on, I’ll be his representative in the court.’

Fellow teammate Jose Tirado said: ‘Since I was young he taught me what it was to play volleyball. He brought me such happiness.’

Fellow classmate 21 year-old Neftalí Castillo Cabrera has been arrested under suspicion of murdering the young athlete. Police arrested Castillo and another suspect after video footage showed the pair at two different ATMs using Hernandez’s debit card after his disappearance.

Jesus’ father David Hernandez could not understand how the murderer could be a well-known friend.

‘They studied in the same school,’ he said. ‘We’ve even eaten at the same dinner table. I couldn’t believe it.’

According to news reports, police initially were treating the case as a hate crime since Hernandez was an openly gay young man. While the police maintain hate crime charges can be brought in court at a later time, at the moment they are treating the case as a homicide.

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