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Vote on Lithuania’s proposed ‘gay propaganda’ ban bill pushed back again

Lithuanian lawmakers have voted to suspend a vote on a proposal that would ban ‘defilement of the traditional family’ in public spaces until they meet again after the summer break
The interior of Lithuania's Parliament
Photo by Andreas LT

Lawmakers in Lithuania have put off voting on a Russian style ban on so-called gay propaganda, shelving the proposal until the parliament sits again in summer.

The bill would establish fines for so-called ‘public defilement of traditional families’ and is aimed at suppressing public advocacy for the rights of LGBTI people and displays of gay pride.

39 MPs voted to remove the bill from the parliamentary agenda while 34 voted to keep it.

Another 20 PMs abstained from voting so it remains unknown whether there is majority support for the proposal when it comes up for a vote again.

A previous attempt to bring the bill to a vote failed in March while Lithuania’s Central Election Commission blocked an attempt to set up a national referendum on banning ‘homosexual propaganda’ in August of last year.

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