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Waiter fired for writing 'faggots' on receipt

Four gay men say they will never come back to a pizzeria after they were described as 'faggots'
An Italian waiter was fired for leaving 'faggots' on a gay table's receipt.

When four gay men had just finished a meal in a pizzeria in Italy, they asked for the bill like normal.

But when they got the receipt, they were shocked to see it read 'I'm warning you they're faggots'.

The insult - 'mi raccomando so ricchioni' - was printed on the itemized bill in the pizzeria in Maruggio, a province of Taranto.

'Initially, we did not want to believe our eyes,' one of the men told Brindisloggit.It. 'We went to the owner of the restaurant for an explanation.

'He was speechless, and apologized to us on behalf of the waiter. The next day he contacted us again, and said the waiter who called us faggots was fired.

'It doesn't matter. We will never go back to that place again.'

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