Wales teen filmed himself killing elderly gay man and his cat

Cardiff court heard how an 18-year-old filmed himself stabbing an older gay man to death until the knife was bent from the force

Wales teen filmed himself killing elderly gay man and his cat
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A court in Wales has heard how an 18-year-old stabbed a gay man he met online and event boasted about the stabbing spree in a video showing the dead body.

Prosecutor Michael Mather-Less described how Bleddyn Rees King filmed the death scene of a 64-year-old man he robbed and brutalized.

He then set fire to David Evans’ ransacked home to hide the evidence, who was described in court as a gentle man, reported Wales On Line.

Evans was described as a gay man in court in the Welsh capital Cardiff. But the jury also heard he was as a ‘lost soul’ following the death of his wife Christine.

His body had 72 injuries, including multiple stab wounds was discovered a short time later in his bloodstained home at Cefn Bychan, Pentyrch next to his elderly pet cat who was also killed.

The prosecution alleges King deliberately targeted the vulnerably older gay man to rob and kill him and used the video he filmed to boast about his ‘feat’.

In the video, Cardiff Crown Court was told, King is heard saying ‘**** around with me and this is what happens.

‘You **** with me and you **** with the best’.

Prosecutors allege it was made to scare others who may have owed King money.

‘It was to instil fear of him in somebody else’, said Mather-Lees.

King, of Abercynon Road, Abercynon, denies murder but has admitted manslaughter.

In a defense statement made six months after the event, he said that having met Evans on an internet dating site, the older man went further sexually than he was willing to go and he ‘lost control and beat him in a fury’.

King alleged he did not remember stabbing Evans or filming his dead body but did recall Evans’ cat, Jess, attacking his arm and could only assume that in response he killed it.

Mather-Lees, however claims King was fully aware of what he was doing and had trawled for older gay men before picking Evans: ‘That was the best he could come up with having thought about it for six months.’

According to Mather-Less, King changed his accounts to the police several times, including saying he was trying to save Evans, who worked as a gardener and handyman at the Jewish United Synagogue in Cyncoed, from two others who were attacking him.

‘He told officers ‘I should have a medal for it’,’ he said.

‘They were really laying into him. I grabbed the knife out of him. I was trying to save his life.’

Mather-Lees said: ‘He is capable of telling any version which suits him. It was a catalogue of lies.’

The truth, the prosecutor claimed, lay in the teenager’s attempts to get money from 12 loan companies that day and his alleged comment to a friend that he ‘had a job lined up’.

‘He developed a plan – he deliberately, callously and brutally targeted a gay man for his own gain.’

‘He chose a gay man because he thought he would be somebody more vulnerable and that if he survived his attack would be less likely to complain.

‘We say it was a plain and simple premeditated robbery with extreme violence contemplated. It was executed and then followed with cynical lies.’

Evans, he said, was a quiet and gentle man, who had married, had two boys and lived in France for a time with his wife before moving back to Cardiff where he nursed her when she became ill.

He lived alone in his bungalow and was described as frail.

By contrast, King lived with his mother and older broder and ‘acquired a muscular and powerful physique with regular visits to a gym’.

The court heard King had been in touch with a second older man on the same website – where King gave himself the name ‘Big Wolf 1993’ – but that person had been unable to meet him the night Evans died.

Mather-Lees told the jurors: ‘This was brutality of the extreme kind and after he was dead, the defendant videoed his body while giving a dialogue of what he had done and why he was doing it. It was because he was short of money.’

The case continues.



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