Wanda Sykes calls Mitt Romney ‘the Forrest Gump of candidates’

Lesbian comic also describes herself as "over the moon' over President Obama's support of gay marriage

Wanda Sykes calls Mitt Romney ‘the Forrest Gump of candidates’
16 May 2012

Wanda Sykes dropped by NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday [15 May] and the lesbian comic wasted no time in weighing in on the differences between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on gay marriage.

Of Romney, the presumptive Republican nominee poised to face Romney in the November election, Sykes characterized the gay marriage foe as willing to say anything in order to get votes.

‘I bet if you put Mitt Romney in front of a gay organization, he would go, ‘I like gays, I’m all for gays,’ she said. ‘He says whatever should be said in front of that organization. He’s the Forrest Gump of candidates.’

But she had nothing but praise for Obama who endorsed gay marriage during a television interview last week – the first president in US history to ever do so.

‘I’m over the moon,’ Sykes told Leno. ‘And for a black person to say over the moon, that’s big. We don’t use that. … I’m very excited. I’m so proud of him.’

She does not understand why some of Obama’s political opponents maintain that he took the pro-gay marriage stand to gain votes.

‘It’s so funny, people think he did it for political reasons. How is this going to help him politically?’ she wondered. ‘Him saying he’s for same-sex marriage, there’s someone saying, ‘ This is the last piece of my anti-Christ puzzle.”



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