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Wanda Sykes uses humor to try and calm right wing down about gay marriage

Says Sykes: 'It's not going to be mandatory'

Wanda Sykes is used to mixing her trademark humor with politics.

In advance of the first of her two schedules political specials for the LOGO channel airing on Monday (10 September), the funny lady chatted with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts during the Democratic National Convention about various topics - including gay marriage.

She joked that Republicans, especially those on the hard right, should not be threatened by marriage equality.

'It's not going to be mandatory,' she said. 'It seems like gay people are crazy and we go around and canvass the whole neighborhood: 'Come to my big gay wedding, come on, it's mandatory.'' 'If you don't agree with it, then chances are you don't know anyone who is gay or are close to someone who is gay,' she added, 'So that even increases your chances of never being invited to a same-sex wedding.'

Sykes came out publicly as a lesbian nearly four years ago at a rally against California's Proposition 8 which successfully banned gay marriage in the state.

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