Warner Bros. drops gay Alan Turing biopic

After Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly said he was no longer interested in starring, the studio has passed on the film

Warner Bros. drops gay Alan Turing biopic
19 August 2012

Film studio Warner Bros. has decided to drop a biopic featuring the gay British codebreaker Alan Turing, the man that helped win World War 2 and was later prosecuted for his homosexuality.

According to reports the studio had hoped actor Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his starring roles in Titanic, Inception, and Catch Me If You Can, would play Turing.

Back in October, Warner Bros. paid over seven figures to acquire Graham Moore’s script The Imitation Game.

However after DiCaprio made it clear he was no longer showing an interest in starring in the film, the studio let its option expire on Friday (17 August).

J Blakeson, who was named by Varsity magazine as one of the young directors to watch in 2010, is still attached to direct the film.

Blakeson is reportedly going to repackage the project and try to sell it to another studio.

The Imitation Game is an adaptation of Andrew Hodges’ 1983 biography Alan Turing: The Enigma, the title referring to a game Turing created to test a machine’s ability to mimic human behavior.

Known as the father of computer science, Turing helped crack the Enigma code, helping the Allies understand German communications which allowed them to ultimately win the Second World War.

After the war in 1952, despite his work, he was convicted for ‘gross indecency’ with another man by a British court.

Turing accepted chemical castration as an alternative to prison, and because of this committed suicide just two years later.



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