Washington to launch anti-trans bigotry campaign

US capital's Office of Human Rights claims adverts are country's first aimed solely at transgender people

Washington to launch anti-trans bigotry campaign
06 August 2012

Washington DC has launched what it claims is the USA’s first anti-trans discrimination campaign.

Five adverts, each featuring a transgender resident, will appear throughout the city in the fall as part of the DC Office of Human Rights’ plans to combat transphobia, reported the Washington Blade.

As well as promoting respect and Washington’s equality laws, people will be urged to call the office if they experience discrimination.

OHR Director Gustavo Velasquez told the Blade that they believe it is the country’s first government-sponsored campaign to focus solely on transgender people.

He said the Office of Human Rights is ‘incredibly proud of that’. 

‘To ensure we take full-advantage of the opportunity, we identified three primary goals for the campaign: increase understanding of transgender and gender non-conforming people, reduce discriminatory incidents in the district and increase the number of community members who report discrimination,’ he added.

‘The courageous and bright DC based participants appearing in the ads and the powerful accompanying messages can make this happen, although we know much more work needs to be done to eradicate discrimination towards this community.’

LGBT groups have welcomed the news, with trans activist Ruby Corado saying she is ‘very happy’.

She said: ‘Having the Office of Human Rights take some leadership on this for me is remarkable. I’m proud and I’m very happy that this city and [its] LGBT leaders has taken on this issue and supported us 100%.’



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