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Washington state marriage equality campaign raises nearly $1 million in June

In contrast, gay marriage foes raise $135,000 during same period
Photo: State of Washington

Helped in part by the $200,000 donated by Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates  and the company's CEO Steve Ballmer, Washington United for Marriage raised $952,000 in the month of June for its campaign to uphold the state's new gay marriage law.

Overall, the gay marriage proponents have raised for than $2 million so far but say they are not taking anything for granted.

'We want to continue this incredible momentum and ride this wave throughout summer to be competitive in the fall,' campaign manager Zach Silk tells the Associated Press.

In contrast, Preserve Marriage Washington has raised more than $135,000 during June.

But Silk says he expects the opposition to raise far more than that as the vote draws closer.

The November vote will take place just nine months after gay marriage was signed into law by Gov. Christine Gregoir. The pending vote has resulted in the law being put on hold.

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