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Watch comic absolutely nail the US/UK influence on Uganda anti-gay laws

John Oliver on HBO's Last Week Tonight examines one of the most draconian anti-gay laws in the world
Watch John Oliver on Last Week Tonight nail the UK/US influence on anti-gay laws in Uganda.

Several nations across the world celebrated LGBTI Pride at the weekend, and among them many US states and UK cities.

But what you might not realise was the UK and the US had a deep influence on one country, Uganda, and their persecution of LGBTI people.

John Oliver, a British comic, looked closely at the issue on the HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

He interviewed Pepe Julian Onzeima, a Ugandan LGBTI rights activist, who said the homophobic law would not have happened if it wasn’t for British colonial laws or US evangelical influence.

Oliver played a clip of Onzeima on a Ugandan morning TV show where the activist showed incredible restraint, earning the nickname him ‘U-Gandhi’.

Watch the video below:

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