Watch: Texan pastor preaches marriage equality

African-American preacher schools his congregation on their bigotry in a new viral video

Watch: Texan pastor preaches marriage equality
09 June 2012

An African-American pastor is seen schooling his angry congregation about marriage equality in a new video that has gone viral.

Reverend Frederick D. Haynes III of the Friendship-West Baptist Church in Texas slammed his colleagues and congregation for their outrage against President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality.

In the six minute video posted on 7 June which already has thousands of views, Haynes tells churchgoers Obama ‘is not the pastor of the United States, he is the President of the United States.’

Haynes says: ‘Do you know the words of the declaration of independence? We hold these truths to be self-evident, that “all men, all people are created equal”. Notice it does not say “all straight men”. It does not say unless you are gay or lesbian you are created equal.

He adds: ‘For the first time in the history of this nation, we have a President who has dared to use his position to make the democratic promise available not just for a select few, but for everybody regardless of their race, creed, their color, or their sexual orientation.’

The video shows a few members of his African-American audience angrily calling out the preacher for his progressive views.

Haynes continues by saying: ‘Why are you so upset, why did it bother you so? Why were you so emotional you had to clothe your anger with the Bible and justify your bigotry with scripture? Why did you have to do it?’

He adds: ‘Well maybe we need to talk about what issues you might have, because evidently there are some issues that are rooted in fear.

‘The sad reality is we love to judge other folks’ sins because it keeps it off of us, as opposed to looking at us.’

Watch the video here:



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