We love the 10,000 who love GSN

Gay Star News hits 10,000 likes on Facebook: And we say a massive thank you for all your amazing support

We love the 10,000 who love GSN
20 June 2012

It’s just six months since Gay Star News launched but already an incredible 10,000 have hit ‘like’ and joined our Facebook page.

The 10,000th like came in today and we just wanted to take the chance to say how grateful we are for all your help, feedback and support which has got us to this stage so fast.

In total around 25,000 people now follow Gay Star News across our social media platforms which also include Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Weibo.

You can join them on Facebook here to get the top headlines into your feed, get involved, meet other GSN lovers and enjoy exclusives and prizes.

Meanwhile in keeping with tacky tradition, here’s a Kylie video which says it all (well, not quite, but you know what we mean):



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Jamaica rules gay teens can live in the sewer

Police have repeatedly attempted to evict the LGBTI youths from the sewers, with attempts to 'burn' them out and conducting early morning raids 
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Celebrate a year of quirky bubble tea in London with free drink

Bubbleology cafés, which brought fruity bubble tea to London, celebrate their first year this Sunday
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When Rock Hudson was dying from AIDS, Nancy Reagan refused to help him get treatment in Paris

But the former US First Lady wanted it known that President Reagan had called Hudson to wish him well
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Parents nearly burn teen son to death after they find out he is gay

An 18-year-old from Azerbaijan has escaped with his life after his parents doused him with gasoline and threatened to murder him
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Final line-up confirmed for LadyRock Festival

KT Tunstall to headline women’s only rock festival in Manchester
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7 ruggedly beautiful places to elope in Scotland (och aye!)

Gay marriage came into effect in one third of Great Britain today – and we want to marry in one of these amazing locations immediately
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Tom Cruise's son apologizes for anti-gay slur

Connor Cruise sends angry text to publicist after Patriots lose Super Bowl
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The Euroskeptics are endangering LGBTI rights in Europe and beyond

The Euro elections have seen anti-EU and far-right parties triumph across Europe – so what does that mean for gay, bi, trans and intersex people?
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Gareth Thomas says Mickey Rourke to move near him in Wales

Actor will train with retired gay rugby star who he will portray in film
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Batman and Robin go gay at new comic con

The secret lives of He-Man and Captain Jack revealed in Austin, Texas