Welsh gay rugby star inspires high-fashion footwear

New Louboutin dress shoe 'Gareth' is anything but pedestrian 

Welsh gay rugby star inspires high-fashion footwear
03 May 2012

Christian Louboutin’s newest shoe is named after openly gay former Welsh international rugby player Gareth Thomas.

This is the second shoe the French luxury brand has named after the gay athlete.

The 6ft 3in Gareth, also known as Alfie, was previously honored with a range of ‘Alfie’ flats that start at £580 ($895 €682). The new leather dress shoe combines a classic wing tip with the Louboutin signature red sole.

The French luxury designer and retired Welsh athlete have become close friends in recent months. After Thomas came out to the public in December 2009, Louboutin sent the rugby player a pair of custom loafers based on his tattoos.

Thomas now claims to own more Louboutin shoes than rugby boots.

In 2009, Thomas was named one of the UK’s most infuential gay people. American actor Mickey Rourke will be playing the role of Thomas in an upcoming biopic on the gay rugby player. 



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