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Westboro’s picket against Lorde met with messages of sympathy for the family of Fred Phelps

Gay hate group Westboro Baptist Church picketed Lorde’s Kansas concert, but were met with a peaceful counter protest which sympathized with the death of their leader
Westboro's protest of Lorde's Kansas concert was met with messages of support of the death of their leader

Westboro Baptist Church picketed Kiwi pop star Lorde’s concert in Kansas City, Missouri armed with their homophobic posters but were faced with counter protests of sympathy for the death of their leader Fred Phelps.

The concert at the Midland Theatre in downtown Kansas City yesterday (21 March) was picketed by the infamous gay hate group holding their usual homophobic signs such as ‘God Hates Fags’.

However, Lorde’s fans and the people of Kansas staged their own counter protest.

A group stood alongside the homophobic protesters holding a yellow banner which read: ‘Live your life and be awesome.’

One man told news station KSHB why he decided to oppose Westboro’s protest.

‘If people are forced to have to stare at that, they should have the option to have something good to look at’ he said.

The majority of the attention turned to a banner on the other side of the street which read: ‘Sorry for your loss.’

The sympathetic banner was reference to Westboro founder Fred Phelps who died two days ago, as it was the first protest held since his death.

Megan Coleman, who made the sign, explained why.

‘We realized that it wasn't so much about antagonizing them but sending out the countered safe that we are here for people who need that message and need that positivity’ she said.

The message of support was in a similar vein to that of Matthew Shephard’s family.

Matthew was killed in a homophobic attack and his funeral was disrupted by Westboro members, however, his mother released a statement saying she did not wish to celebrate the death of Fred Phelps.

'Regarding the passing of Fred Phelps, (my husband) Dennis and I know how solemn these moments are for anyone who loses a loved one’ she said.

When Westboro announced they planned to picket the ‘Royals’ singer’s concert she urged her Twitter followers to wear rainbow clothing and even kiss a Westboro supporter of the same sex to defy their protest.

Lorde’s tweet was deleted a day later but her fans still acted upon her word and many arrived to the concert in rainbow clothing.

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What a bunch of hypocrites!

These counter-protestors are most certainly not speaking out of my name there, when they say sorry for your loss addressing the death of the founder of the haters of homosexual people!

IF and WHEN I would have been there my sign would have been:

CONGRATULATIONS with the death of your father and grandfather, he now burns in the hell that you wish others!

All the Westboro baptist Church members deserve to die on the spot, simply because they are the ones responsible for the suffering and grief of people who buried their sons and daughters who fought in the military, they are the ones responsible for all the people who committed suicide due to their hate-campaign against homosexual people!

I have no pity for the people who are responsible for all the grief and sorrow they brought onto others, because they think they are better then other people!

Adrian Masters

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

There's no ground gained, or battle won when the oppressed resort to the level of the oppressors.

I don't mean you have to be distraught at the death of Fred Phelps, just be bigger than he and his followers were.

"When Westboro announced they planned to picket the ‘Royals’ singer’s concert she urged her Twitter followers to wear rainbow clothing and even kiss a Westboro supporter of the same sex to defy their protest."

Please realize that any physical contact with a member of the WBC will result in a costly lawsuit. The family is made up of lawyers and has financed its operations through the years by means of frivolous lawsuits.