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Westboro Baptist Church protesters retreat after being outnumbered in Santa Monica

Anti-gay hate group is confronted with student counter-protest

When members of the Westboro Baptist Church showed up at Santa Monica High School today to conduct an anti-gay protest, they were in for a huge surprise.

That surprise was a huge crowd that was on hand to counter-protest the group known to protest at military funerals carrying signs that say such things as 'God Hates Fags.'

The church had protested outside the Oscars on Sunday (24 February) and chose the high school in Santa Monica as its next target because of what it believes is the school's affirmation of LGBT students.

The church members stayed only a brief time as they found themselves faced with scores of students who were well-prepared for their arrival.

Students and others were holding rainbow flags large and small and waving signs with such messages as 'God Cares for All Creation,' 'Ain't Nobody Got Time for Hate' and 'God Hates People Who Say They Know Who God Hats.'

The video below shows the spirited crowd of students and a dispirited small group from Westboro walking away from the scene as someone in the crowd yells: 'Go back to Kansas!'

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